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Welcome to factorycome,as you who love life, sometimes the brand is not so important, and the focus is on saving money and practicality. In fact, the products you buy are from manufacturers to traders, from traders to distributors, from distributors to retailers, and finally to you. During this period, because different businesses need profit to support, as end consumers have to pay for these processes. You may be thinking more than once, why can't you buy things directly from the factory?

Is it more cost-effective? However, although the product itself is cheap to reach consumers directly, the logistics cost of each product will be very high. You know, the charges of express companies are never cheap.Well, these problems will be improved here .

Here we go

Factorycome is a website with a large number of factory resources. The products here come directly from the manufacturer, so it has a great price advantage. The logistics also uses the factory's standard logistics. For 26 countries, we do not charge additional logistics costs. The only drawback is that the timeliness of logistics is longer. We believe you can understand this. In fact, purchasing the required items in advance can perfectly solve these problems. Of course, you can choose to expedited express without considering the cost.

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